Do You Qualify?

CAC Authorized Dealers are an elite group. We cater to companies that are interested in quality monitoring to compliment their quality installations. CAC only monitors licensed individuals and organizations.

All CAC dealers in Florida must sign a Dealer Agreement and provide CAC with a copy of their EC, EF, EG, EH, EI, EJ or ER license. Dealers from any other state must comply with the local and state licensing requirements.

*An Inactive Dealer must maintain a minimum of 25 monitored accounts.
**Failure to comply with the above terms will cause a Dealer to be assessed an access fee that requires a minimum billing of $ 240.00 per month.

Qualification Checklist:

Individuals or companies wishing to become authorized CAC Dealers must have a current valid license.
They must sign a Dealer Agreement and provide a copy of any applicable license
They must have at least 12 monitored accounts online with CAC at the end of one year.

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